Our Story

Rao's History

Tradition and ritual are the heart and soul of Italian cuisine. Since 1896 the Rao's family has believed in sharing those traditions. We invite you to take part in sharing- with us and with each other—the Rao's family way of feasting. If you follow along with our menu, you will experience rituals Vincent Rao and Anne Pellegrino have passed to our generation. With the help of your server, enjoy the most important ingredients in your dining experience: food, friends, and family. We promise that you will not only leave full but fulfilled.


Rao's New York is a culinary national treasure. Widely acclaimed for its authentic, southern Neapolitan Italian cooking and its home-style family ambiance, Rao's was honored with a pinnacle three stars from New York Times restaurant critic Mimi Sheraton describing the cuisine as "exquisitely simple Italian cooking."

Opened In 1896, the Restaurant is celebrated as one of the countries' oldest family owned and operated restaurants running in its original location. Handing down cherished Pellegrino and Rao traditions as its main ingredients, the Rao's menu pairs generations of authenticity and love with freshness and flavor.

All locations, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, serve and satiate some of the most powerful appetites in the world. At the New York location, the list of regulars reads like the "who's who" of New York cognoscenti, including Woody Allen, Billy Crystal, Rob Reiner, Nicholas Pileggi and Danny Aiello. Legions of politicians, sports figures and matinee idols have jockeyed for a reservation. There, dining at Rao's is a legendary experience so beloved that getting a seat is only possible if you are a regular and have, "table rights," or if you're lucky enough to be invited as a guest by someone who does. In Las Vegas, you are lucky enough to be our guest. From our family to yours, we invite you to sit back and relax while filling yourself with more than food. Cheers!